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The Dealer Intelligence summarizes what dealers need to know so they can more quickly identify and seize sales opportunities. Built using data from all 44 Idaho counties, Dealer Intelligence offers dealers many features and benefits.

The latest, most reliable fact-based information on what's selling and who's buying is accessible via a secure website 24/7 from any location. Dealer Intelligence lets users at all levels of your organization analyze and interpret a wide variety of data including new, used Motor Vehicle, Marine and RV title statistics combined with demographic information.

Enables you to:


  • Analyze and interpret data more effectively
  • Understand your competitors' selling patterns
  • Spot trends and dissect them on the spot
  • Develop targeted marketing strategy
  • See how your sales compare to the competition
  • Determine which vehicles should be promoted
  • Understand what's selling and not selling in the market
  • Gauge the size of the market
  • Analyze your market share




  • Extensive data mining
  • Trend tracking
  • Provides fastest and slowest selling makes, models along with sales counts
  • A count of new or used vehicle sales by dealer
  • A summary of pump-in and pump-out statistics for all dealers within a market
  • A count of vehicle sales by make, model and segment
  • Ability to customize your own territory by selecting Idaho districts (click here to see district map), counties or zip codes




  • Ability to make better, timelier, decisions
  • Convenience of a single source of sales information
  • Customized reports built to your specifications
  • Change or build new reports at any time
  • Ability to become more focused on your key sales challenges
  • Better plan inventory levels and take advantage of market conditions
  • Pinpoint areas where sales are strong and areas that need more attention