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Best Time to View Reports
Reports viewed by MTD (month to date) instead of previous months may shows zeros at the beginning of the month. This is because information that is imported through the state is only one week worth of data through the previous Friday processed by the county DMV systems. For example if you view a MTD report on October 1 you will most likely see a report with all zeros because as of the first of the month no title data has been processed and captured by the association for October 1st. It usually isn't until the second week that reports wills start to show statistics. When viewing a previous months report it is best to view on or just after the 25th of the current month.

Market Area
This program allows subscribers to customize their market area by District, County or Zip Code.  To see a map of the five districts and the 44 counties that this program recognizes click here.

Accepted Vehicle Titles
The Dealer Intelligence program reports on PERFECTED vehicle titles processed by the DMV during a given month. This means that any vehicle sold in the state and titled in the state will be imported into this program. Those vehicles titled in a different state will not show up in this program. As for the time it takes for the Dealer Intelligence to be updated, it all depends on how quickly a titled is processed.

Title Search Engine
The Title Search Engine is designed to help find a specific piece(s) of information.  This engine allows subscribers to search by many different parameters.  Please note that the results displayed from a title search query are not filtered like other reports.  Certain codes such as dealer transfers are not filtered out of title search results; therefore, it is not uncommon to see larger numbers in the title search results if running a search that is similar to a current report. 

Dealer & Private Party Sales
The Dealer Intelligence program has the ability to show dealer sales and private party sales.  You can modify how a report or search is formatted by selecting 'sold type'.