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The Dealer Intelligence is always on the lookout for new subscribers. The majority of our best subscribers have always come from referrals our current members have made.  Because of this we have set up a referral program to reward members for their efforts.

How It Works:

Refer one new subscriber to the Dealer Intelligence and dinner is on us!
Don't worry we offer more than fast food. It's actually a $50 gift certificate to dinner (gift certificates are issued on a quarterly basis).

Process and Regulations

  • The new member must notify the Dealer Intelligence that they joined as a result of your referral (within 30 days of their joining).
  • A single report for one time use only does not qualify.
Important Notes:

  • This program is only available to IADA members and associates whose dues are up-to-date.
  • Gift certificates are only awarded for new members, not renewals.
  • If two or more members make the same referral, those members will split the gift certificate.